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Intuitive and engaging bots

Offer a personalized experience to your users. Get to know their needs and create a long-lasting relatioship with them.

For your specific needs

Whether you want to sale products online, offer a new service or do customer support, we've got you covered.

Where your users are

Make your users feel comfortable. Increase your reach by being at the right place in the right time.

Try our Christmas bot on Messenger

It's build in Bulgarian and will make you feel at home like never before!

Get an expert advice depending on your needs

Our analysis is based on our knowledge and experience. We work with experts from the Artificial Intelligence, Software Development and Marketing industries. We closely follow the latest news, attend conferences and know the best practices.

Recieve the ready-to-use-chatbot

It's the skills that matter and also take the most time to horn. That's why we do all the development and setup for you. Save your time and get a crafted chatbot faster. Much faster.

Relax and watch the magic happens

Chatbots are great at automating simple flows and scaling up with minimum resources. They free up time and people, while help improve your brand and business. Enjoy the process and bring more value to your users.

Be Where Your Users Are

We live in a digital world where messaging is the standard way of communication. Make sure you are being a part of it. At Botcrat we build chatbots for all of the platforms.